I'm putting a gym and art / craft rooms in the garden for the kids to mess around without making a mess in the house. Typical garden rooms seen on architecture sites have patio doors, French doors or bifold doors in order to connect with the garden, and have a canopy over like these, then a patio outside.

Why would a garden room in the UK have a canopy? And when would it be better to build one with, or without a canopy?

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    @isherwood maybe it's loading now? Garden room = posh shed. Feb 2 '19 at 14:14

To keep rain and dirt off the glass an to offer a bit of shade?

We have an Orangery with a wide cornice around the roof. It does a good job of sheltering the windows.

It also stops a square. flat roffed building looking like a bunker.

Our Orangery look crap until the cornice went on. Then it looked epic!

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