I'm installing a murphy bed. To get it flush with the wall, I've removed a section of baseboard. The gap where the baseboard has been removed looks pretty messy now.

Wallboard removed

I'm not too worried about it because, of course, the bed is going in this space and I don't expect it will be very visible most of the time. When the bed is up, it'll be completely covered; when the bed is down, I assume the mattress and bed frame and everything will obscure things. Still...

I'm just wondering what others would do in my shoes. I don't really need this to look immaculate, but is there some way to tidy things a bit, e.g. fill in the gap or cover it with something?

  • I would have left the baseboard on and not butted against the wall. I would think butting the murphy bed up to the wall would leave scrape markings over time on the wall itself. Jan 31, 2019 at 3:12

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How about using a piece of thin vinyl base molding?

Base Molding

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