I used knotty alder wood and sanded to 320 with a random orbital sander.

Knotty Alder Min-Wax Pre-Stain Conditioner Min-Wax Oil-Based Stain Applied with t-shirt rag

I see streak marks in my staining method and I am curious as to the tactics I will need to use to get them out. Do I need to re-sand through all the grits? Should I try and apply another coat and even it out? Or am I out of luck?

Bench 1 Bench 2

  • FWIW: I think it looks pretty cool as is. – Greg Nickoloff Feb 21 '20 at 20:53

Have you ever used Rubio Monocoat? It is an interesting an unique one application product - oil. Solves issues like the one you are experiencing. At this point, assuming your wood is properly dried and doesn't have some strange grain pattern causing inconsistent absorption, you can try another coat of evenly applied stain. If it still is darker on part of the plank. either the grain is different, the stain is unevenly applied, or there may be something that seeped deeply into the wood causing parts of the wood to adhere differently. If the latter is the case, ponly sanding beyond the absorption point would likely work.

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