150 panel in house. I want to run a 220 (sub-panel) feed to garage 25 feet away for 10,000 watt electric heater. There's room in the 150 panel. Would 60 amp breaker in the garage meet the 1.25 safety margin?

  • Is this an attached or a detached garage? – ThreePhaseEel Jan 27 at 14:04
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    10,000W = 41.66 + margin = 50 A. So 60 A is fine. But since you are putting a subpanel (rather than just powering the one device) you might want to consider upsizing a little. A couple of power tools running off the same subpanel while the heat is on will trip 60 A. – manassehkatz Feb 26 at 14:50

yes the 60-amp would meet the minimum requirement. In addition, please keep in mind that you need at least #6 copper wire to feed the garage to handle the heat load. The house panel will need a 60-Amp breaker also.

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