I have a house with a middle beam in the basement; all of the first floor joists lap on top of the beam. There's a bearing wall on top of the beam that goes 2/3 the length of the house.

Most of the 2nd floor 2x8 joists lap on this wall; however, 12 feet of house do not; they lap on top of a bearing wall that lies 3 feet from the middle beam.

Needless to say, the 2nd floor is dipping big time as the poorly supported section dips in the basement.

Usually I would beam the 1st floor and then work up from there, however moving the basement services (HVAC/Electrical/Gas) is going to be a huge pain. I'm thinking of cutting the 2nd floor joists and hanging them from an LVL, then posting that LVL all the way to the basement, using the first floor joists as bracing.

Anybody ever done this? What did you post with as it'll be 16 vertical feet to the beam. Did you cut footers below the basement floor and what did you anchor with if so. Thanks for the help!

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