Want to install a ductless a/c in my concrete condo. It is 220 volt only draws max 1300 Watts I have a 15 amp 120 v outdoor outlet available. I know it’s not optimal, but is it doable to convert to 15 amp with a 220 breaker and change outlet and run it off of that as I can’t run a 12 wire through concrete walls Many thx

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    What is the power requirement for the a/c unit? What kind of plug does it have and what kind of receptacle does it require? Can't you get a small mini-split that runs on 120 V? – Jim Stewart Jan 23 at 23:18
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    How many wires are at the outlet? Some call 240v 220v but the are the same here in the US for residential for almost everything, in a large facility it may be 120/208 the homes have single phase power but the complex can be fed with 3 phase. You may be able to change that 120v outlet to a 220/240 volt outlet but first you would need to make sure this the only outlet on that circuit, also the model of the system would be needed, I have installed systems that were 240 only (2 hots&ground) but others required a neutral and the neutral was part of the control for the inside unit. More info please – Ed Beal Jan 23 at 23:21
  • Are you sure only 1300 watts? That would be around 6 Amps, which isn't much. That would be < 5,000 BTU - not enough to cool even one big room. – manassehkatz Jan 23 at 23:48
  • How was the existing wiring to the receptacle here run? – ThreePhaseEel Jan 25 at 5:14

Your ductless system will require 220-volts to operate. Anything else will damage the unit. The conventional receptacle near by is of no help. Besides, even is it was a dedicated circuit and could be converted, you still need a 110-volt receptacle near by for service. You will need to bring a new 12-Gauge 2-wire circuit to the location. Good luck. You are gonna love the ductless system.

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