Tried to add a photo...it's not working (I'll try on a PC later).

My 3 way light switch is causing my upstream gfci to trigger. Inside the box there are 3 sets of wires. One set is from the string of upstream outlets that I added the gfci protection to. The white wire is nutted to another white wire (I think that one goes to a light. The black wire is live, but it is simply sitting in the box with no tape or nut (thankfully a plastic box)...I know that can't be right.

A second set of wires comes from the switch in another room. This black wire is live and plugged into the switch. The white wire from this group is plugged into the opposite side of the switch. The third set of wires comes from the light. The white wire is spliced to the white wire from the outlets (as mentioned previously) and the black wire is plugged into the switch.

Did they dump the line from the outlets and just use the neutral wire as a shared neutral? I'm really hoping I can remove the outlets from the three way circuit. Help!

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    Yes, that's what's happening. They poached neutral from the GFCI protected circuit, but are not using its partner hot. Currents are not balanced, guaranteed trip. Also your cables are laid out in a loop, which is a code violation itself. Get us a photo of what's going on inside both switch junction boxes, and we may be able to find a way to untangle it. It is very doable with smart switches. – Harper - Reinstate Monica Jan 23 '19 at 5:49

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