Our existing fan is old, inefficient and extremely loud. I believe it is an old P Series centrifugal extractor made by Greenwood Airvac, although I am unable to be certain as the model and serial numbers have both faded to the point that they are unreadable. A picture of the unit without its cover is included below:

enter image description here

I have found a model I would like to replace it with - an ST100B Silent Tornado Hi-Power Bathroom Fan, but I don't understand enough to know whether it will be possible to easily replace one with the other. For example, do they require different diameter venting holes?

I intend to employ an electrician to do the actual work, so I do not require any detail beyond whether the model I have chosen is a suitable and easy to install replacement.


It's difficult to say without seeing the current installation. Rather than answering the question directly, I'll give you some tools to make the assessment yourself.

There are a few basic considerations when seeking a replacement fan, aside from feature preferences...

  • Housing size
  • Housing mount type and location
  • Grille size (for coverage of the existing ceiling opening)
  • Duct size
  • Duct position

If any of those don't match, you'll need to decide whether the necessary changes are feasible and acceptable. That's mostly a matter of prerogative, so we can't say.

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