1st let me say any help us very appreciated as I am completely lost on the subject.

I have a direct vent gas fireplace (vented directly out the 1st floor wall). When I purchased my home (5 years now) the inspector showed it was in good working order, but the log set was missing and I've not gotten around to replacing it. I've read things saying that if you don't get the correct log set for the burner you can have problems with soot build up that could potentially lead to a fire.

So I've been looking to just replace the burner and get the correct log set for the new one. Or possibly get the fireglass options that are out there. My problem is I keep seeing sets in a insert that is open/match lit. My unit is completely sealed. I cannot open it to light it each time (or it would be ridiculous to do). I know the existing burner has a pilot and i believe a wall switch. I've seen sets with pilots, but they say to different things and still show you lighting it with a match.

Am I completely misinformed or is this making sense? I am just looking for what type of set i need to buy so when i go into the store i dont sound completely ignorant. I want to have someone come inspect before i do it all, but would like to know a little about what i need to tell them.

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