I have 4 zone boiler/baseboard heat and a new Trane XR 5ton central A/C system. I also have a woodstove that is mainly used for heating except at night when the upstairs are closed. I just got the AC hooked back up to the master bed thermostat and the air handler fan did great moving the heat around upstairs. I don't want to leave it on all night though and it would be nice not to manually set it.

My Sensi Thermostat has: -Rc: 24VAC cooling -Rh: 24VAC? Heating for one zone -O/B: 24VAC Common from AC condenser board -Y: To AC power -W: To boiler zone solenoid -G: AC air handler Fan

-->Main question, can I jump W and G or could that cause some problems in the AC circuit? Do Rh and Rc need to be in phase? Would it blow a fuse if the Fan ON was set basically connecting Rh and Rc?

I guess I'll have to disconnect it when we actually start using the AC so it doesn't activate the heat.

Thanks, Ian

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