I have 2 question on electrical rough-in

1) For the outlet boxes, do I strip and wire nut the wires or just roll them up and tuck them in for the inspection?

2) For my recessed canless LED lights (see picture below). Can I mount and wire the the j-boxes (driver boxes) for the rough in inspection? If I don't wire them for the rough-in inspection, then once the sheet rock is up a) it will be difficult to mount, b) the inspector will have a hard time inspecting them.

Canless LED light

  • What do the instructions say about the LED lights? You must follow the instructions and labeling, NEC 110.3b. – Harper Jan 21 at 1:43
  • 1
    I would say those are questions to ask the inspector. I had some of my boxes stripped and connected, some not. All my can lights were wired, I just left the covers off. Inspector just told me to make sure I put them on before sheetrock goes up. – PhilippNagel Jan 21 at 2:25
  • What did you end up doing? I'm in a similar boat – BigJoe714 May 20 at 12:58

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