If you have two GFCIs connected in series, which would trip first or both?

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    Either or both, no guaranties. I've tried it with RCDs. – Someone Somewhere Jan 21 at 5:00

All of them

And good luck resetting them.

I mean, it doesn't do any harm, (except in the sense that security at the expense of usability is at the expense of security, i.e. someone tears it out because its annoyances drive them nuts). It just doesn't provide any benefit, and as such, is just a silly thing to do.

enter image description here ref

  • Have you tried it? – Jtl Jan 21 at 0:22
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    Wait, are you that guy who wants to know every gory detail about GFCIs? No, I haven't tested it exhaustively, because I am not in the market for edge conditions where that might possibly make sense. And if I had such a particular engineering need, that would be off topic for this Stack, so I would take it over to the Electronics Stack where such deep inner-workings inquiries belong. – Harper Jan 21 at 0:28
  • @Jtl I had this confusingly set up in the house I bought. Someone tied a GFCI into a circuit close to the panel. The circuit then ran to the other side of the house to power the lights. The previous owner then strung more outlets into the master bath off the end of the run (in the attic) and attached a second GFCI there. What Harper said is absolutely true. If I used my tester on the outlets in the master bath, both would trip. The master bath now has its own circuit partially for that reason. – Machavity Jan 21 at 13:32

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