I'm trying to air seal my conditioned, but unfinished laundry room which backs to the unconditioned garage. Unfortunately, there are several large spaces (one for the cold air return and another for the electrical panel) that allow free air flow between the two and I could use some advice on how block these.

Here's a view from the laundry room (sorry, it's rotated, happens on upload, not sure why). At the top you can see the some radiant barrier that a contractor installed, but I later pulled back the insulation and found this additional hole where the wiring enters the electrical box. Laundry Room

The hole to the garage actually enters this retrofit box in the on the garage side. It used to be covered with a piece of plywood, which I need to replace. Garage side view

I don't have plans to hang drywall in the laundry room any time soon, so a technique like airtight drywall isn't an option. I didn't want to just cover the studs with plywood, however, to leave open the possibility of hanging drywall in the future.

Is that radiant barrier surrounded with foam a good way to to prevent air infiltration from the garage? I could do the same thing where the wires are coming in and probably on the underside of that air return, but I'm wondering if there are better methods.

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