I have 10 separate LED strips behind a dropped ceiling feature. Each seems to have its own driver and none appear to be connected to each other except via the same power source and switch. Two that aren't even adjacent to each other will suddenly begin to flicker simultaneously after many hours. Switching the lights off and back on stops the flickering for awhile but the same two sets simultaneously start flickering again eventually. Any ideas how to stop this problem?


The input voltage to the driver must be the same as the voltage required by the driver. If not, the voltage variation can cause flicker or flashing. The driver should have a sticker or imprint showing the voltage requirements. Also, if you have 10 connected to the same power source it may be causing the voltage to drop just enough to cause the flickering. Use a meter to check the voltage at the point just before entering the drivers. If the voltage is correct, the drivers may be going out. I do a lot of work for hotels and electronics tend to go out at the same time if they were installed at the same time.

  • Thanks, Jerry. I forwarded your reply to my electrician to consider. It's a real conundrum because the drivers are either built-in to the strips or are buried under drywall. It's just odd that two non-contiguous strips would flicker simultaneously. I'd post a picture of the setup if I could but don't see a way to include an attachment. – MiamiBoy Jan 20 '19 at 3:52
  • You can add any image you like to your question by clicking the "add image" icon. It's the 4th icon from the left. – Jerry_Contrary Mar 21 '19 at 18:39

Most of the LED's I install have a wide range of input voltages 90-277v I have found the less expensive drivers to have more problems with heat and electrical noise on the line. Heat can cause the flicker problem and although these are small loads some of the drivers create enough harmonics to cause other lamps to flicker. If the drivers are running cool I would add a rfi filter prior to one of the flickering lights and see if this corrects the problem it has for me in several areas that have dirty power. I suggest trying 1 because even this may not help if the drivers are on the edge of the specs or below I have found this on some drivers and now only purchase DLC listed led's lamps and fixtures, and since doing this I have had very few failures and those were covered as DLC listing requires 5 year warranty.

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