Our dishwasher sticks out by 5cm (2 inches). When we pull it out we can see the 20 year old (or more) plumbing typical of that age in the United Kingdom:

behind the dishwasher

Question: Can the pipes be rerouted to be below the floor?

The floor is laminate on some oriented-strand-board on joists, over a cavity to the ground (kitchen is on the ground floor). I'm not sure if that's earth or concrete some foot-and-a-half lower down, as I've not put a camera down there yet.

The fat white pipe is outflow drain from the kitchen sink (to the right). It is sloping down to the left to and makes a sharp drop thru the floor level as it passes through the adjoining wall 3 feet away. The rising pipe in the center is cold in. Those two chrome taps/faucets are ones we don't use that seem retrofitted to existing pipes. It is the chrome taps and white pipe that come out furthest from the wall, but it would be great if everything seen there could go below the floor (which is at least 20 years old in a 45 year old house. Drains for modern Islands go under the floor, so can this do the same?

Of course, there's that standard recess at the bottom of the back of the dishwasher itself that's 9cm (3.5") high and a couple of inches deep.

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