I am thinking of bolting a giant 1/2" thick piece of plexiglass over the window. Unfortunately the windows in my apartment are massive - 5 foot x 6 foot.

The challenge with this is threefold:

  • Extremely heavy
  • Really challenging to get inside the apartment
  • it pretty much only comes in 48" (4 foot) wide sheets. That's not wide enough to cover the whole window. A custom giant sheet would be extremely expensive, not to mention impractical with the first two issues.

Alternatively I could make 2x framed plexiglass which can sit inside the window sill. I could bolt the frames together. I would take 1x3 boards to frame it out and then bolt the plexiglass sheets to the frame.

Basically, I could make 4x 3'x2.5' panel frames, each with their own plexiglass sheet, and bolt them together to make one huge window frame, using weatherstripping around the sides to seal it. With 1/2" or even 1/4" plexiglass, this will be a huge sound reduction.

Here is a quick photoshop I made showing the frames:

window panels example

However, it would need to be totally airtight, so the challenge would be: how do I seal this up in between the sheets for maximum soundproofing? Caulk? Something else? Also, is there a removable way so I can take it apart easily?

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