I have a buddy building a new house and the guys that did the drywall didnt use green board in the bathrooms. We live in iowa. Is it code to put greenboard in the bathrooms in iowa i cant seem to find it if there is

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    They are passing out green board now. There really isn't a place for it anymore. – Joshua Dale Jan 15 at 4:19
  • Personally, I like the purple board for bathrooms in non-wet areas. Mold, fire, and moisture resistant. Wet areas require special attention (cement board and moisture barrier for example) – UnhandledExcepSean Jun 14 at 1:08

It's not required, and in my opinion it's pointless. If enough water gets through your paint that you're depending on the drywall for containment you have bigger issues. Good quality primer and paint accomplish the same thing, and if you're installing tile you probably want cementboard anyway.

  • Downvoter, care to comment? – isherwood Jun 14 at 12:44

The Code says bathroom finishes must be hard, smooth, non-absorbent, and not adversely affected by moisture, except in private dwelling units. (See ICC 1210.2.2)

Showers shall be smooth and non-absorbent up to 70” above the drain, if a shower head is installed. (ICC 1210.2.3)

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    @isherwood I noted both Code references: Bathrooms and Showers. – Lee Sam Jul 16 at 1:36

In most places I have worked, the green board is only required on walls around tubs and showers, not the entire bathroom, and not if using a pre-fab tub or shower enclosure.

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    Green board is not rated for use in a shower area. – Matthew Jan 15 at 2:54

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