I have an older house and want to change a light switch to a switch/outlet combo. The current switch has two wires only in the box. The new combo has a ground (green), and two lines on one side. The other side has a load and neutral (white). My question is, if this combo can be hooked up with the existing setup, how can it be done?

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    Are you ready to pull new wires through the walls? – Harper Jan 12 at 18:28
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    Yes, can you pull new wiring for this? – ThreePhaseEel Jan 12 at 21:48

if this combo can be hooked up with the existing setup,..?

The answer to this question is NO

The box only contains a source or hot leg down to the switch and a switch leg back to the light fixtures. You will need to install a neutral and a ground into the box. Updated NEC now requires neutrals to be installed in boxes unfortunately your dwelling did not.

Hope this helped.

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