Two related questions.

I made the pictured cot for my newest baby and when I bought the varnish they didn't tint 1 litre cans so the guy put some colours into the one litre and then put it into some shaker gadget.

Doing this project with my kids and they didn't think to stir the varnish and we got this deep red/purple colour, which was fine.

But after two coats it started changing colour so I stirred it and it changed to this browny yellow, obviously it wasn't mixed properly. So I two toned the crib, also fine with that.

The problem is it's been nearly two days and I can still smell the varnish, so it mustn't have finished curing, How much longer do you think I need to wait?

Second part of the question, is the tinting agent going to take longer since it wasn't mixed in properly?enter image description here

  • is the varnish and the tint safe for infants? .... what type are they? – jsotola Jan 12 at 6:37

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