I have no lights in any of my bathrooms which i have 3.i checked all outlets and they have power. I reset all breakers and still no lights. Any ideas?

  • First of all: There is a light fixture with the appropriate bulb(s) in it in your bathroom, right? I understand you have three bathrooms, and the lights (and only the lights) are not working in all of them. Is that correct? Is this a new home? Have you made any changes recently? – ShapeOfMatter Jan 11 '19 at 18:12
  • It's rare that lights would be protected by a GFCI outlet, but I'd start there. – isherwood Jan 11 '19 at 18:17
  • Does the switch have power on the line side? – Steven Jan 11 '19 at 19:10

Let's think about the bathroom wiring rules for a second. The latest Code says you use one of two methods for the 20A circuit that must be dedicated to bathroom receptacles.

  • In one case, a circuit can power receptacles in any number of bathrooms, but only bathroom receptacles, not fixed loads in the bathroom such as lights.
  • In the other case, a circuit can power receptacles in one bathroom only, but can also power fixed loads like lights in that same bathroom. This is a weaker design since if you trip the bathroom breaker, the lights go out.

It sounds like your builder used method #1, with a twist, he put in a second circuit right alongside that powered each bathroom's lights.

No breakers are tripped, OK. In modern construction they are fond of a connection method on switches called "backstabs", where the wire is jabbed into a hole on the back. These are prone to failure, and it is the first place I would look. Putting the wires properly around the side screws is the far more reliable way.

Any wiring failure in a chain from the panel is either at the failing location, or at the last working location prior. I would expect to find it in the nearest bathroom to the panel.

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