I have a Beko WM6143W that has started playing up.

The water pump runs for ~6 seconds then cuts out. The machine is then left in an unusable state. None of the controls seem to do anything including holding the Start/Cancel button for three seconds; which should cancel the current cycle.

It makes no difference if there is water in the drum or if the machine has been completely drained. The pump will still run for 6 seconds then stop.

I got the machine in diagnostics mode once but it froze up at the drum test stage. I believe the pump runs first before the drum is tested so presumably this caused the freeze.

I can no longer get in to diagnostics mode as the pump runs as soon as the machine is turned on and the machine freezes.

I found what I assume to be the underwire from a bra wedged in the filter. I'm unsure if this made it into the blades of the pump at all but it is a possibility. However, the pump seems to be running freely without any unusual noises and water exits the machine at a good rate (for the few seconds that the pump runs).

Am I correct to suspect the pump? Or could the issue be something unrelated?

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