I have a GE Side by Side refrigerator PSS26MSWASS. The freezer has frosted up causing the fridge side to heat up. I believe the defrost heater went bad. I am good with how to replace the heater however I cannot get the panel off to access the coils and heater to thaw them out. It is held on by 4 nuts which have been removed. It feels like it slides. Could it just be frozen to the coils? Should I try to pull out after a few hours? In the attached drawing it is part 213 (WR17X11668).enter image description here

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    Probably just frozen on. I'd unplug the refrig, put down a bunch of towels and then have a beer or 2 and retry. Or you could speed it up and use a hair dryer on just the panel. Still need the towels and beer. – Micah Montoya Jan 7 at 16:30

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