I'm probably overthinking this, but I need to, as close as possible, determine how much pressure I'll lose with PEX 90 degree elbows. Had a new well pump installed (1 hp, 10 GPM), well guy is wrapping up the install this week. So far I'm going to have him set the pressure switch at 40/60. The plan is to come off the tank with 1" Uponor PEX to a BB filter, softener, UV filter, then manifold, then 1/2" homeruns to each fixture. Problem is, this is occurring in an extremely, extremely confined space. With PEX, there will have to be a lot of 90-degree bends to get from appliance to appliance. Space is so confined can't do the Curve-bends that PEX is famous for. Given what I know about the pressure loss of the filtration system parts I'm thinking of, the unknown is how much pressure loss I'll get with each 1" Uponor 90-degree elbow. Is there a difference between the EP and Brass elbows? For example, if each EP elbow results in .25 PSI loss, and say my layout calls for 20 elbows in the utility room, I can just have the well guy bump my switch up to 45/65. I'll be able to go from the manifold to each fixture with a homerun and no (0, none) bends, so that doesn't concern me. The LONGEST run will be 20 feet, the layout of the house keeps all plumbing sort of centrally located. Just the utility room. If 90 degree elbows introduce too much PSI loss, I might have to rethink the whole design.

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