The walls in my foundation were built a tad crooked in the 60s and have gotten worse, likely due to non existent gutters before I bought it. I've been here 2 years and it hasn't gotten worse. The block walls are all leaning out at the top ~2" and have stair-step cracks. BUT it doesn't leak water, thanks sealing it from the outside. Every video or review I see show the foundations bowing or leaning IN at the top, so I'm not finding a reason for the walls leaning OUT.

I had a basement specialist quote the job to stabilize everything and repair the cracks and they wanted $10,000 minimum. Their plan involved 15 metal beams around the walls that anchor to the footer. I can't afford $10k, period! And I know if I ask them about doing it myself they'd laugh.

My thinking is put jack posts all around the foundation (every 6 ft) that push up on a 6x6 wood beam against the rafters. After it's support I could repair the cracks in the blocks. I would think that will take some load off and stop the bowing. The surrounding soil is fairly dry now and I'm literally at the highest point on the street. I'm no expert, but does that "plan" sound like it could work? Or does someone have an even better plan that could work without my life savings disappearing? Thanks in advance!

p.s. I have another basement company coming in a few days to get a 2nd quote

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