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So there are 2 sets of wires coming in on the right (black, white ground) and 1 set of wires going out to the left (black, black), which seem to connect to the next room.

When I change the switch, I ran the 2 right black wires to the dimmer switch. It works for that light, but the lights in the rooms to the left will no longer turn on. I even put back on the old switch (not a dimmer, just on/off) the same way it was and the lights in the other rooms will no longer turn on.

I am unsure what is going on here or how to get the lights in the other room to turn back on after the switch is replaced. Could really use some help.

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    What is that white wire doing in the bare ground bundle, and where does that cloth/string-wrapped wire in the top-left of your photo go to? – brhans Jan 3 at 19:54
  • The white wire was originally attached to the bare ground bundle. After some recent research I realize that is incorrect . However, if I take it all apart I am unsure how to rewire it properly. The cloth wrapped wire to the top left appears to run to a light in the room behind this room. For example, I can attach my dimmer switch red/white wire to the unpaired black wire to control the other room light. – Doug Fletcher Jan 3 at 19:57

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