I'm quite new when it comes to looking at furnaces. The furnace in my house recently started shutting off before getting to the temperature the thermostat is set to. Eventually we'd reset the whole system and it will work for a while again.

From what I've read, it sounds like the flame sensor might be the issue. Rather than paying $$$$ to have someone look at it, I tried to clean the sensor. It works better now, but still not perfectly.

Knowing nothing about furnaces, I just realized that the sensor is also the hot-surface ignitor! My intent is to buy a replacement and install it myself. Which raises a couple questions for me:

  1. Should I be doing this myself? I'm handy enough, but again, unfamiliar with anything HVAC. Our system is not under warranty, so unless there is a major safety issue surrounding me performing the work, I'd rather save a hundred dollars or so.
  2. How do I pick a replacement part? All of the flame sensors I find don't seem to be ignitors, and the ignitors I find don't say if they're also sensors?
  • For 1, that's completely your prerogative and therefore off-topic here. For #2, a simple web search with your furnace model and "flame sensor" should produce fruit. – isherwood Jan 2 at 21:18

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