I have been finding my Amana SDX22S2L fridge warm, often in the morning. The lights still work inside, but the compressor stops cooling the fridge at some point in the night. If I bump or hit the fridge a few times, the compressor turns back on immediately. Sometimes I have to bump it pretty hard. Over time, the failures have become more frequent.

I have seen some people say that this could be due to a bad defrost timer or a bad temperature controller. Is there a way to know if it is one of these things without just replacing parts?

  • The temperature control should be comparatively easy to access. Unplug the fridge, uncover the control (probably no need to remove it) and carefully clean the contacts with a bit of solvent and then a diamond file or emery paper. Blow out any particles from the cleaning, and see if that resolves the issue. – DrMoishe Pippik Jan 2 at 1:52

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