i'm installing smart switches, and found the neutral in another area so i assumed it'd be in all the switch boxes. Well not these two. It's a 3 way switch, and in the back of it there are white wires connected to red wires. Would this be the neutral? I also heard the neutral wire could be behind the switch box.

house built 2000 3 way switch

any recommendations on verifying a neutral or where to find one?

enter image description here

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    Never, never, never grab neutrals from random places. Only use a neutral if it is in the same cable as one of the wires going to the switch. In some cases that means you are forced to fit the smartswitch at one end or the other, and in a few cases, it can't be done at all. Note that white wires are not necessarily neutral, for instance if a white wire goes to a plain switch, it is not a neutral because plain switches don't use neutral. If it goes to a bundle of non-white wires, it is not a neutral because all neutrals must be white. (But not all whtites are neutral). – Harper - Reinstate Monica Dec 28 '18 at 0:44
  • Can you get us some better quality photos of the situation inside the box? – ThreePhaseEel Dec 28 '18 at 1:35

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