I'm making this to help anyone with an LG washer that clicks, The clicking does stop after numerous attempts

The clicking that you're hearing Is probably the advanced locking mechanism, If you wanted to fix this the easy way then you could pay $50 - $100 USD dollars, I found one here for fairly cheap. But I chose the hard way

I first removed the two 1/2 tab covers on the front of the washer by the controls, Then removed the 2 bolts and lifted up the top unit. what I found was horrendous, It was a reed switch in series with a second hidden reed switch on the control board to detect when the lid was shut, and the locking switch was in series with a actuator to lock the door shut. The locking mechanism was the defective part because when the switch made contact there was a slight delay in the continuity, So when it was under a load that delay caused the switch to release and try again, over and over and over

This is the machine that's under construction :)

and these are pictures of the reed switches and their locations

The second picture with the hole is for the lids extension with a hole in it, The hole also has a magnet in it to catch the reed switch and close it

Normally the older washers just had the 2-3 wires running to the switch where you could just wire them together and bypass everything, But. welcome to the future, You cant just wire everything together on this washer. It's going to say what are you doing: Error: Error: Error the lid is open, The lid has been open for too long and the locking mechanism never engaged, where's the actuator lock, etc

I took the reed switch that was located beside the hole in the top of the washer, and wired those 2 wires together, It looks like there's only one wire going in but there's 2, Then I removed the plug that was going to the locking mechanism shown here

and I connected the 2 blue wires for the relay to a on/off switch, This HAS to happen, I'll tell you why In a second. The red wires for the locking actuator I just tucked Into the black tape

Now the last sensor on the front of the washer I didn't mess with because it was located on the control board, and that's a whole new hidden headache, So if you want, just stick a magnet where the black tape is located in the picture above and It will say the lid is closed.

But the On/Off relay switch tells the lid when It's locked, so it can go ahead with the first wash cycle... It's got a 7 second delay from the 2 reed switches (only if the relay is wired together without the on/off switch) So if you press start it will go 7 seconds and say DL Error: Open Lid, You cant just wire them together because when you power your washer on It's going to see that the reed switch was activated (door shut) and the lock switch has already been engaged, Once the lock switch is engaged you cant push any of your wash selections, You could probably just put a timer switch in to grab at 7 seconds once you press start

So I just cut a small square and stuck that on/off switch into it which wasn't noticeable because it was on the side

If anyone can see any other way around it. I would love to hear It :)

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