I have a 2GIG GC2 alarm panel. Here's the:

The release notes mention that "Device Associations" were added--this should allow me to control one Z-Wave device with another. I'd like to control a GE Plug-In Smart Switch outlet with a Nortek scene switch.

I've added the GE Plug-In and the Nortek Scene Switch to the 2GIG GC2 panel. The Nortek switch shows up as "routing slave." When I attempt to make a device association, the panel just displays, "no controlling devices found." How do I make an association with this panel?

I can control the GE Plug-In from the 2GIG control panel directly, but I'd like to control it from the Nortek scene selector. This page lists the panel and the Nortek switch as compatible, and this video shows how to add the Nortek switch, but it doesn't say how to configure it.

I've since updated the firmware to version 1.19.1. The Device Association screen is still blank.

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