Rv pole with 200 amp outside box. One 30 amp breaker. Ran new wire underground (mobile home type) to small house building in progress. All sockets and lights worked fine up to 2 weeks ago. One overhead light fixture stopped working. Changed to led bulb and it works but flickers. Checked voltage at breaker and it shows 79 volts. Turned all breakers off and removed from both buss bars. One side reads 115. The other reads 89. To ground and neutral same readings. I go back to the pole box it reads 116 on each leg. Changed the light switch for the overhead light but no change. Still will not burn an incandesent bulb but will light an led with flicker. No problems with the other circuits on that leg although they are mostly wall sockets with a few lights. Ideas?

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    So you tested from ground to common and you got 115 volts, then you tested from ground to neutral and got 89 volts right ? Thats just on one 30 amp breaker in the panel.You have a loose ground wire or a loose neutral wire... now a loose neutral wire or ground can be so small of a hairline Crack that you can't see it. I had this happen also and I was dumbfounded until I decided to remove all the neutrals in the breaker box and one just snapped cause it was so loose I just couldn't see it cause it was so close to the screw. The wire was straight and it looked good from a visual inspection though – user70085 Dec 25 '18 at 0:01
  • You could have a bad breaker too though – user70085 Dec 25 '18 at 0:03
  • Did you run a 3-wire or a 4-wire feeder to the building? – ThreePhaseEel Dec 25 '18 at 2:28
  • Did you use the backstabs on the outlets, switches, etc? Did you water seal your run, was there any wire exposed to weather? – noybman Dec 25 '18 at 4:19
  • What kind of service panel are you using on the tiny house? – Harper - Reinstate Monica Dec 25 '18 at 5:36

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