The light bulb in my refrigerator burned out. It was a 40w incandescent appliance bulb like such: GE appliance bulb

I'm wondering if there is any reason I can not put a 9watt A19 LED bulb such as this one (home depot link) in the fridge?

I've read this question, but it is concerned with the heat from an oven. Heat obviously would not be an issue here. On the contrary I'm thinking that the LED would be helpful to the fridge (heat output of the incandescent bulb vs the LED).

Can I use a regular LED bulb as a replacement for an appliance bulb in a refrigerator?

  • Be warned, if the LED is not able to overheat, it may last a very long time. – Harper - Reinstate Monica Dec 20 '18 at 3:55
  • Heat of the bulb has less of an effect than the hot air in /cold air out from opening the door. Remember the monkey inside turns off the light every time you close the door :-) – manassehkatz-Moving 2 Codidact Dec 20 '18 at 5:49

In theory, any LED bulb should work. There are bulbs designed specifically for refrigerator/freezer use like this one. The bulb you listed is a 60-watt equivalent, which might actually be too bright - due to glare you really don't want your refrigerator to have too much light as it can actually make it harder to see things, as counter-intuitive as that may seem. The bulb I linked to mentions vibration resistance, among other things. In theory, "appliance bulbs" in general should be a bit more "heavy duty" than regular bulbs.

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LED in refrigerator is ok but freezer may be too cold for an led. My refrigerator door switch has been replaced twice in about 3 years. The bulbs were 2 -60 watt bulbs . I opened the old door switch and found the contacts severely burnt causing the bulbs to be intermittent. I went for 2- 60 watt equivalent led bulbs (6.5 watt each Total 13 watts ) vs 120 watts for 2 -60 watt incandescent bulbs. The switch should last the life of the refrigerator. Make sure to get DAYLIGHT bulbs (5000K) to bring out the true colors and brightness in the refrigerator.

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    I'm confused - This question is about replacing an incandescent bulb with an LED bulb, but you're talking about the door switch. Are you sure you're answering the right question? Maybe edit your post to pull the switch detail out. – FreeMan Jun 23 at 17:20

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