Is it possible to change to look of old exterior windows by removing the center horizontal muntin on a 1940-1950’s split 2 pane window? I would like to remove the divider, remove both pieces of glass, and inset a solid piece of glass, so I no longer have a divided pane. These muntins are solid wood, not fake. They look like this (this photo is NOT my house)...


This old window style really dates the house (it’s cape cod style) and I only need to do the 2 windows that face the street.

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Most windows like that were built as an assembly with finger joints or other connections. It's not easy to remove a single component. You'll probably need to remove the glass and cut the muntins off, then mill them to the shape of the stiles to which they attach.


In addition to the work involved, keep in mind that you will still have single-pane windows. Once you are going to all that trouble, it may make sense to have a window company build modern (e.g., at least double-pane) replacement windows. These companies are used to measuring and building exactly what is needed - as long as it is a rectangle, they can do it pretty easily. The only catch is that the frame may end up being a different material or style from what you currently have. If that is a historic preservation issue then even removing the muntins may be prohibited. But if that is not a historic preservation issue then full window replacement really does make sense.

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