I was planning on putting foam board insulation on my basement walls before finishing. Then I realized that on the other side of the wall isn’t earth, but a poured foundation for my covered porch. Does the concrete provide enough insulation? Is there any point to adding foam board insulation to the interior of this wall?

basement wall

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The concrete provides almost no insulating valve. Walls 3 feet below grade are usually figured as being about 55 degrees all year long. Above that 3 feet line they are usually considered to be outside exposed walls. When I finished my basement (near Pittsburgh, Pa.) I insulated all the walls with 1" styrofoam (pink board) and studs. It worked for me

  • Thank you! I am near PGH too coincidentally and I have been using 1-inch foam board on the other walls. I'll do the same here
    – Jack B
    Commented Dec 20, 2018 at 15:03

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