I have a LG front load washing machine, we recently changed the bearings and reassembled the washer. Now the washer will not agitate or spin. When I turn the washer on it seems to be trying to agitate (it moves just a little back and forth) then makes like a high pitched ringing noise,then throws code LE. I've replaced the sensor on the back of the stator and its still doing the same thing. I have tried to reset the machine by unplugging, and pressing play for several seconds and plugging back in. I've also tried opening the door and closing several times. None of this has helped.The stator doesn't look damaged however it is rusted.If you could help me out I would be most grateful. Thanks

  • If it was working a bit before disassembly, and stopped completely afterwards, reassembly is suspect. Use the service manual for your particular model (likely available online) to see if something was assembled backwards, locking the motor shaft. – DrMoishe Pippik Dec 19 '18 at 0:27

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