I have a Miele KFN 8701 SE freezer (also known as a Liebherr freezer) which has an ice-maker which has failed.

A plastic part has come free, and also what looks like a temperature sensor:

Plastic part loose

This is the front view. It seems to sit on a holding bracket from above, and there appear to be lugs that would let it drop down if I could move it forwards a centimetre or so. However it doesn't seem to want to move.

Front of ice-maker

There is a single screw that I can see, which I don't seem to be able to undo (there isn't much room for a screwdriver). However I'm not sure whether this is holding the thing in place or not. It looks to be a fair way from the mounting brackets.

Left side of ice-maker

If I could remove it, I might be able to repair it, or just leave it out and make ice cubes the old-fashioned way.

Does anyone know how to remove this thing?

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I worked it out after watching a YouTube Video about the Liebherr CS 2061 Ice maker Tray replacement. Apparently my Miele freezer is a Liebherr freezer re-badged.

How to remove

There are two retaining lugs in the middle (from the point of view of front to back).

Ice maker

(Ice maker is upside down in this photo and the next one).

Ice maker again

These engage against two moveable lugs at the top of the freezer, circled:

Top of freezer

Use a couple of chopsticks or screwdrivers to push both lugs up simultaneously, whilst pulling the ice-maker towards you (having two people might help). When the lugs release it should slide out forwards.

Control cable

There is a control cable on top, prise the rubber covering aside, and then slide the connector upwards. Then the ice-maker can be completely removed.

The (outside) screw visible in the second picture is not relevant to removing the ice-maker. It holds the motor in place.

To replace

Re-attach the control cable, and then slide the ice-maker firmly back into place. The lugs should snap back into position to retain it.

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