I'm trying to connect a new LED light to a new single pole switch. I have a 14/2 main power feed coming in to the LED light first then a 14/3 wire going from LED light to switch. I feel like I have it wired correctly but the light does not turn on. Is it not possible to wire LED lights this way?

  • Yes, it is. You made it easy by running 14/3 to the switch. Just mark the black or brown wire on the LED with red tape to redefine it as a red. then you will have a situation where all the color codes just happen to match up. – Harper Dec 16 '18 at 16:28

Harper's comment is, as usual, a correct summary of the solution. Here (copied from part of another question) is the full diagram:


Light fixture junction box:

  • All whites (neutral) together
  • All grounds (green or bare) together
  • Blacks from 2-wire & 3-wire cable together (hot)
  • Mark light fixture black wire (may be labeled "hot" or "switched hot", but it should be the only wire or screw other than white/neutral and ground) with red tape.
  • Reds from light fixture and 3-wire cable together (switched hot)

Switch junction box:

  • All grounds (green or bare) together
  • Black to "hot" screw on switch
  • Red to "switched hot" screw on switch

If switch does NOT use neutral:

  • Cap white (neutral) with a wire nut

Note that with a simple (not smart, not dimmable, not timer, etc.) switch there is no functional difference between the hot & switched-hot connections, but if there is a clear indication on the switch (or in the switch instructions), follow the directions.

If switch USES neutral (e.g., smart switch)

  • White to neutral screw on switch.

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