Any help would be appreciated. Live in a condo. Water heater, furnace and up-down washer/dryer in same closet. (all condos like this). Water Heater pilot continues to go out. (leave closet door open at all times for air circulation) No problems with furnace or washer/dryer. Last night when pilot out - reset it and noticed immediately, orange flame (never went blue) and a whooshing sound as orange flame fluctuated. After one hour turned off pilot, then reset. It has now turned to blue and no whooshing of sound. Could this be caused by a down draft from vent (with cap) on roof? This happened to my previous water heater as well, pilot going out, having to relight but no orange flame. Thank You for any suggestions.

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    How old is the water heater? Make /model? – manassehkatz Dec 16 '18 at 14:11

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