I own a house with foundation issues. The actual movement of the foundation has largely been stopped, because piers were installed underneath the area of the foundation that was sinking.

This seems to have left multiple interior walls "hanging" by the studs. It's easy to tell this, because there is now a large gap between the tile floor and the trim. You can see right underneath the trim and see the sill plate of the wall. It's not always in contact with the slab any longer. I am assuming that the walls are somehow affixed with fasteners in at least one spot. Otherwise the wall would probably collapse when you leaned against it.

Is this fixable, or even worth worrying about? I am thinking that maybe I could add some shims underneath the wall by just hammering them in place.

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    Sure it is fixable, a photo or some measurements of the gaps would be helpful. Without more info anything will be a guess but it is fixable the amount of gap will help you understand the cost maybe some shims maybe more but without more who knows. – Ed Beal Dec 15 '18 at 23:48

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