enter image description here For over two years now my fan only works when the switch is set to on it does this both in AC mode and heat mode if it is switched to auto the fan never kicks on and during heat mode I get a burning smell and I'm afraid to house is going to burn down so the blower has been running 24 7 for 2 years now... I have a knowledgeable HVAC buddy who told me it's probably a thermostat problem...I replaced the thermostat myself with the absolute basic digital and now it works fine... So I decided to upgrade to a Wi-Fi Honeywell and I have bought a 24 volt converter for the C wire and it is plugged in but now the blower does not kick on at all in any mode

  • what if you put back in the basic one does it work there still? – rogerdpack Dec 15 '18 at 2:00

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