In trying to fix a leak in my shower head, I ended up replacing both the hot and cold stems for Price Pfister handles. First, I replaced the hot water stem, which seemed to reduce the leaking. But, after a couple of months, the remaining leak bothered me enough that I determined to replace the cold water stem as well. The replacement of the stem seems to have eliminated the leak, but now I'm facing a different and hopefully less significant issue:

My hot water handle produces hot water, but my cold water valve seems to affect the water temperature greatly, even with a slight turn of the handle. I am taking all of my showers having turned the cold water handle barely a quarter of a turn, and I have to make any adjustments with an extra measure of precision.

I know this didn't happen with the previous cold water faucet stem, so I'm hoping I haven't broken something within my plumbing. What would cause this and how would I correct it?

  • Does your faucet have an anti-scald regulator, and might it have been disturbed? – isherwood Dec 13 '18 at 20:56
  • @isherwood: I don't think my faucet has that. I used the same stem part number for both the hot and the cold faucets. – palswim Dec 14 '18 at 19:48

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