One of my light fixtures has worked on and off for years. Finally it works no more. Taking it apart, I found that the G9 socket had a lead fried right through. I'd like to order a new one, but of the marks in the picture below I can't tell which is manufacturer or model number. Googling various combinations of what I see is not turning up a solid hit.

It's about 18mm in diameter on the smooth parts, about 11-12mm across on the flat parts, and metal clips in the fixture reach into those slots to hold it in.

G9 Base T250 EENO 2/250 K540F ATS S 14

250V 500W

Is "EENO" or "ENEO" a manufacturer? ATS?
Is K540F a model number or temperature rating? How about T250?

Thanks in advance for any help; I'm desperately trying to get this fixed before a party in six days :)

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