We recently remodeled our house and had new outdoor lights installed. Well after the fact that only one works. We realized that the one that doesn't was on a pull chain. Well I'm not the smartest electrician so I'm wondering how to fix the issue. One light runs off the switch. I'd like to make both lights work on the same switch. I believe that they are running from the same wires.

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    Please clarify: The only switch involved in this would be the pull chain switch on a light bulb socket, right? (Not a wall mounted switch.) – wallyk Dec 8 '18 at 18:38

If you want it to not run off a pull chain, simply change the lamp base to a non-pull chain type. The latter are $2.

If you want both lights to work off the pull chain and not the switch (why????) then shop around for lamp bases which have pull chains and also have attachment screws on the lamp base in the right places, i.e. A third screw between pull chain and switch. Attach to that screw and neutral of course.

In either case, you would want to feed one lamp's power from the other lamp. There are many Q&A on here how to do that.

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For a 3 wire set up:

In my house, when this happens there's generally a 3 wire setup, black (hot switched), red(hot constant) and white (Neutral), as well as a green ground (the green doesn't count in your number of wires). Black and Red may be different for your setup, so crack open the working switched light and see what colors are connected to it, then connect those same colors to the second light.

If you only have 2 wires (plus a ground):

In some cases your light switch might be down stream of your unswitched light, in which case you should pull new wire because your alternative (change the unswitched fixture to a neutrally switched light) is against code / could get someone killed.

Better than pulling new wire:

Just get a wifi (or zwave) switch and a smart bulb (or bulbs depending on your switch setup) and an appropriate hub if you don't already have one, then set up both lights to work in tandem via the hub.

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