I'm on my third can of spray texture, this time from Homax. Each works the first time, I clear the nozzle before I store.... then nothing. Are these one time use products? Or can I use them again for wall repairs (i.e., nail hole in the wall, etc.)

How do I clear the can? Now I have three different brands, all used once, and none working now.


I've found that these are, generally speaking, one use products.

You can improve your odds by turning them in a way that blows propellant (usually down, but some products are tricky that way) and clears the airway, but even this is hit and miss. (Among other things, it gives you less propellant for the next time, so you'll end up with goo in the can that you can't shoot.)

So buy small cans if you have a small job.


Yeah I made the mistake of buying the bigger "contractor grade" this time and its oil based... clogged can. Called the company, they said put it in a sink of hot water for about 5 mins. Didn't work... Guess I'm going to buy another can.

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