I am buying a subwoofer (powered Sunfire HRS 12) that has high level inputs (bare speaker wire) and it says that it has it's negative posts joined (common-grounded) and that my receiver or amp also has to be common-grounded.

My question is, is this common to find in receivers? I have a Sony 2ch Receiver model STR-DH130 that I will be using with the subwoofer and I can't find this info on the manual.

I will check for continuity on the negative terminals on Left and Right speaker outputs on receiver, if there's continuity then is it safe to assume they are common-grounded?

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That Sony does not have a dedicated sub woofer output so you will need a sub-woofer that will pass through the sound to your left and right speakers. Some subs only except a sub channel input and do not pass through left and right channels, many will except and pass along the right and left channels to the speakers, meaning it will have inputs for left and right and OUTPUTS for left and right. .

As long as you wire the negative to negative and positive to positive ( black to black and red to red ) you will be OK.

You did not say what sub-woofer model you are getting, I am not familiar with a subs that sub that have "negative posts joined" Can you post the model? I found the following quote on crutchfield.com for the polk PSW10 , i assume that is what you are referring to.

"Speaker Level Input/Output: The sub-woofer has spring clips for the speaker level inputs and outputs. The sub woofer's low-pass filter sends bass frequencies (based on the setting of the filter) to the sub-woofer. The speaker level inputs and outputs are shorted together, so the output is not crossed over. You should set you receiver's front speaker setting to Large."

Meaning you wire it as i stated and it passes the correct frequencies to the sub and the speakers.

Or you can use RCA cables from the video or md/tape audio out terminals on the receiver and go into the RCA Line in, left and right on the sub-woofer and wire your speaker into the out terminals on the sub.

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  • edited my question by adding sub model, thanks! – Alex Nov 26 '18 at 19:21
  • the md/tape out signal from the receiver is not affected by volume control, so the sub would be at full volume all the time right? – Alex Nov 26 '18 at 19:27
  • @Alex Yes i forgot about that. looks like you will need to go from the video out to the line level input with RCA cable and connect your speakers directly to the sony. – Alaska Man Nov 26 '18 at 20:21

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