Parkside Performance series is a newer series with better motor and longer-lasting battery than with Parkside X20V Team series. I am trying to find out whether the older batteries of the old generation Parkside tools work with the new generation Performance series.

enter image description here

I could see that Parkside Performance series has 4 pins while the Parkside X20V Team series has 3 pins in the charger so they may not be compatible in the charging. The picture is from the video here but no mention about the backward compability.

Are the Parkside 20V batteries in Parside Performance series and Parkside X20V Team series compatible?


No, they are not. Locking mechanism has a different shape.


No unfortunately they are not compatible I purchased the new performance drill to replace my 20v team drill and was disappointed to find the battery’s are not interchangeable. Physically the mount s slightly different.

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