Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Cooper Wiring Devices 390-6105XX-EG1D 3-Way Motion Light Switch?

Asking on SE because this switch does not have standard screw terminals like other switches and instead has three unmarked wires coming out of the back. I lost my instruction manual for it.

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    Hello, and welcome to Home Improvement. What colors are the wires? – Daniel Griscom Nov 18 '18 at 21:45
  • Hi @DanielGriscom, one is green and two are black. Thank you! – Vladimir Nov 19 '18 at 5:04
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    Green wire to ground. The black wires connect one to the hot wire and one to the load(light) wire. I googled the model number. Just a motion detector and not for 3 way. – user68386 Nov 21 '18 at 21:47
  • @user68386 Thanks for that info! Did you happen to see it mentioned anywher which of the two black wires is which, or it doesn't matter? When I searched for the model number, I was not able to find any documentation, only websites of resellers. Thanks again! – Vladimir Nov 22 '18 at 5:46
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    Should not matter which black wire connects to the hot or load. You are most welcome ! – user68386 Nov 22 '18 at 19:32

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