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I just found that the water line behind my fridge had been leaking. The water had found its way under the hardwood floor and ran between the hardwoods and the subfloor a few feet in front of the fridge and began leaking through a seam in the subfloor into the basement.

The finished floor beneath the fridge is warped to hell, which stinks but I can live with it. What I'm concerned with is the floor directly in front of the fridge that I'm hoping won't warp.

The best I could think of to remove the water was to drill a few holes in the basement up through the subfloor and vacuum as much water as I could from the holes. I estimate that that I sucked about a cup of water out from the holes.

Is there anything else I could do to mitigate further damage?


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  • Rent a dehumidifier run it and a fan on low for a couple eeeks – Kris Nov 17 '18 at 18:01