I came across a hand tool in a This Old House/Nick Offerman video that is some sort of flexible pam disc sander.

How it's used: I think the user can simply velcro on a hook-and-loop sanding pad (which seems quite convenient).

enter image description here


As mentioned, I am aware that flexible pam disc sander is one way of describing this tool. However, I'm not getting many hits when searching that name online.

Are there any other names for this tool?

  • The reason I ask: I'm hoping to order some to Canada, but I need to find a Canadian source first. I can't figure out what the common name for the tool is.
    – User1974
    Nov 6, 2018 at 3:33

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I think "round hand sanding pad" or "round sanding block" get you there.

Google 1 | Google 2

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