So I am trying to identify all of my breaks in the panel. There is this one that I have no idea what it serves. I am hoping that someone could shed some light on what this might be referring to?

I cannot figure out what this label is saying, can someone who's more verse tell me what it might be?

  • REFRIGERATOR by someone who can't spell? Commented Nov 3, 2018 at 1:56

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This is probably the circuit for the fridge outlet

The label says "REFERDIGE"(sic) -- whoever wrote it left their spelling at home that day, but their heart was in the correct place. The use of a dedicated branch circuit for the fridge outlet (vs. plugging it into a receptacle on a kitchen small appliance branch circuit) falls under the (recently expanded) NEC 210.52(B)(1) Exception 2:

Exception No. 2: In addition to the required receptacles specified by 210.52, a receptacle outlet to serve a specific appliance shall be permit‐ ted to be supplied from an individual branch circuit rated 15 amperes or greater.


So after talking to others - it might be saying refer dine. So my first thought is that it is referring to the dining room. I tried the dining room light switch after turning off the breaker and it still worked. Then I tried the outlets and they did not work... mystery solved. Thanks guys for offering your suggestion!

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